Who We Are

BGI is an innovative energy company that delivers both highly flexible and cost effective solutions for green energy generation in the UK.

We are the UK's exclusive distributor of the Austrian manufactured Biokompakt® range of Biomass Boilers - the only true multi-fuel boilers available on the market.

These boilers are different from other biomass boilers in that they can burn a wide range of alternative, high calorific and cost effective biomass fuels which enables you to locally source your own fuels which are cheaper to produce and will insulate you against future price rises.

What We Do

BIOKOMPAKT - unique technology

  • The Biokompakt® boilers are triple fuel and can burn up to 3 different fuel types, simultaneously, from over 30 pre-tested fuel sources, including agricultural and factory waste.
  • They are capable of co-firing and are built to last since all our boilers have a ceramic chamber which prevents corrosion.
  • They can take a wood chip size of up to 60mm which means you can use a local tree surgeon’s chipper and don’t need to invest in a dedicated biomass chipper
  • They are easy to operate, reliable, and come with a fully automated fuel feed system.
  • They are Microcomputer controlled, with self-optimizing fuel adjustment for optimum efficiency .
  • The boiler systems are available from small 15kw to large 130kw and can be cascaded to 1 megawatt
  • They offer a sensational efficiency rating of up to 94.3%


Buildings are often just as unique and individual as their owners and our mission is to respond to these demands and offer an optimal solution. Which is why BGI offer a bespoke boiler design service. We will undertake a site survey and work directly with you to create the most cost effective system for your specific needs. We have a highly trained accredited installer network covering the whole of the UK who will expertly install your boiler, once the designs are agreed. BGI also offer a full back up and design service, full operation training and maintenance contracts.


Why be tied to wood pellets when you can locally source your own biomass fuels?

BGI can supply you with a variety of locally sourced biomass fuels and can advise on which fuel would work best for your specific requirements.

Our delivery / feed systems are designed to make it easier to receive the fuels. A lorry will arrive and blow the fuel directly into your boiler store, or alternatively, it can be supplied in bags. The system is easy and requires no labour from your end. We are constantly researching alternative biomass fuels and will provide you with the very latest research and fuel solutions available.

Grow Your Own
If you have the space to ‘grown your own’ biomass fuels, we can guide you through the process. We can undertake a site feasibility study for managing your own woodland or growing your own crops. For example, we can help set you up with fast growing willow that you coppice and turn into wood chips for burning. At the BGI HQ, in Buckinghamshire, we are also testing other fast growing biomass crops in our test beds and would be delighted to show you around. Here you will be able to see small scale biomass plantations at different stages and you may be surprised at what little land you need to be self-sufficient with biomass!

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We have an extensive accredited installer network across the UK and all of our installers are fully trained by us at our UK Corporate Training Centre.

If you are interested in joining our ever-expanding network of biomass installers, we run regular training courses at our HQ in Bucks.

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